Computer Technology Limited


Mustang inherits the spirit of class-leading quality, decent taste and high grade marketing. We have a top level product designing team, a group of planar designing elite, and some big names in the computer/game/digital industry. Every one works as a team member and the company encourages making efforts together to achieve our goals, with an innovation mind. Mustang understands that talents take a big role and thus always trying our best to respect and groom talents. Under the radiance of the 21st century, the sky is the limit.

The working environment that we tend to provide is as perfect as that in your dreams. Your inspiration will shine in here and no matter you are conversant with product/planar designing, or you are a big fan of game consoles or digital gadgets, if you have the desire to work in Mustang and you have a programmatic approach in your manner of work, you are welcome.