Computer Technology Limited

Company Profile

Mustang Computer Technology Limited was founded in 1990 and has been based in Hong Kong over 20 years.

With the past decades of development, Mustang has grown into a major brand management agency and distributor managing around 10 famous international brands with hundreds of products in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Mustang takes the leading position of brand management and distribution in the industry. Closely keeping track of market trends and cutting edge technology. Mustang always puts customers first and is committed to high quality products and after-sale services.


Key Dates:

- 2010: Hong Kong and Macau Sole Distributor of Y+X Apple Accessories.

- 2010: China Sole Distributor of Philips portable battery packs.

- 2009: Hong Kong Sole Distributor of Altek Optical Zoom Camera Mobile phone.

- 2008: Hong Kong Sole Distributor of Energizer Energi To Go.

- 2007: Hong Kong Sole Distributor of XPAL power packs.

- 2005: Hong Kong Sole Distributor of Apacer memory products.

- 2003: Hong Kong Distributor of Mitsubishi Monitors.

- 1998: Hong Kong Sole Distributor of Microtek Imaging devices.

- 1996: Hong Kong Sole Distributor of Scanport Scanner.

- 1991: Dealer of Conner, Seagate Harddisk drive and computer accessories.

- 1990: Mustang Computer Technology Limited established.